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House Wrap

House Wrap

A house wrap can be crucial to building your home. But there are a few things about house wraps that are easy to miss. You may forget to add a sound barrier to your upstairs under the floor. Or, you may forget to add a house wrap if you haven’t built many houses. And no, a house wrap is not a sort of mural or wallpaper for outdoor use that makes your house look nice. A house wrap is a material that won’t be seen but instead offers a more practical use. You are going to want one of these

Home wrap

What Is A House Wrap?

A house wrap is a material that covers the exterior sheathing of a house. It is used to protect the walls and framing of the house. House wraps go underneath the siding of the house and are waterproof, weatherproof, and often fireproof.

They work as a moisture barrier and keep the interior walls safe when the siding fails to do so. House wraps should not be confused with siding as siding is visible and house wraps are usually not visible.

What some people don’t understand, however, is that house wraps aren’t generally made to protect you from the air or sounds. It isn’t a type of insulation so you will still need a good insulation in your home.

Do I Need A House Wrap?

House wraps aren’t essential as they aren’t out in every house but they are highly recommended. Any contractor that knows what he is doing will wrap the house before applying siding because it has a huge array of benefits.

While there are a few other benefits to house wraps, such as a sound barrier and air barrier, their main purpose is to keep moisture out. This is what it does if you get the right house wrap for your home.

When it comes to wraps, it’s important that the permeability must be at least 5, though up to 60 is recommended. So when choosing a house wrap, make sure you check its permeability rating. More is better.

Can I Use A House Wrap Inside?

House wraps aren’t very useful inside. Because if used inside, they would prevent water from getting outside. This isn’t a very useful thing to do because you need to prevent the water from getting inside, not outside.

While it would be possible to put it under some wall coverings, most indoor wall coverings don’t need anything like it and in fact, would suffer from it. So in short, no, wraps cannot be used inside.

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